Despite all the necessary fixes, there a few rooms that we’re keeping exactly as-is.

The past week and a half have been a whirlwind of fixing things, but nothing really cosmetic.  Part of our roof had to be rebuilt as it was leaky (and had caused all sorts of other problems that need to be addressed)…  Jack finished the massive carpet-removal undertaking…  and an HVAC expert friend of ours overhauled our heating and cooling system to make it a heck of a lot more efficient.

(As an aside — whoever sold this HVAC system to the previous owners was either an idiot, or had a personal stake in making sure they had high energy bills.  There are 2 units, but both of them feed into the whole-house system together.  So if a bedroom gets chilly, 2 heaters kick on and heat the entire house, instead of the system being configured in zones.  So our friend re-did the system so each unit covers one area of the house; now if a bedroom gets cold, just that area’s heater will kick on.  Whew.)

Anyway.  Since our current work isn’t making anything really visibly different, let’s check out three of the rooms we aren’t changing at all: the bathrooms!  They are so amazingly wacky, there’s no way we’re changing a thing.  Here we go:

The master bathroom is really fun.  Our last house had a bathroom that was “Mamie Pink” from floor to ceiling, so we’re used to a lot of pink.  But this one has pink as the *accents*, with the rest of the room covered in black iridescent tile.

Welcome to our long and skinny bathroom!  Please ignore the woman in the mirror.  😛


The dual sinks are huge — broad and a bit shallow, with a really wide squared-off lip around them.  (And you have to love the pink faux marble cabinetry — ooh la la!)



And like every room in the house, there’s a fun surprise in this one…

Hello, what’s this interesting stainless steel door low to the ground?


When you pull it down, it reveals a built-in scale!


With the warranty still attached inside the panel!!!  (Not sure it’s still good after 60 years, but we’ll keep it just in case.  :P)


Okay, on to the next bathroom — the powder room in the main living area.  It’s a teeny space, but chock-full of The Wacky.


Yes, that is gold and yellow foil wallpaper on the walls.  AND a privacy screen inset with gold lamé fabric.  Awwww yeah!

Here’s another view of the sink and vanity, with more of that glorious gold wallpaper to ogle (again, ignore the strange woman in the mirror):


But of course we’re saving the best for last!  Okay, this bathroom is just too amazing for words.  Okay, maybe a few words.  Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you: THE PSYCHEDELIC GUEST BATHROOM.


The original owners sure loved their foil wallpaper!  Who wouldn’t love this? — blue and silver foil paper, with blue and yellow tile everywhere and the same sink as the master bath done in baby blue.

…with boomerang countertops!


And of course a hidden treasure…  what’s behind THIS stainless steel panel in the wall over the sink?


…a toothbrush, soap dish, and cup holder compartment, that swings out!  (I really thought the toothbrush holder was a cigarette holder when we first toured the house, I’m a little bummed it’s more mundane.  Considering the heavy smoking that went on in here for 60 years, I just imagined someone putting down their lit cig in one of those slots, brushing their teeth, and then picking it up after to finish it.  *gag*)


And one last photo to leave you with — here’s your view if you’re in there with the door closed:



Fun fact: our painter (who is also a friend; we are very lucky to have such handy people in our lives) told us that when foil paper was really a “thing”, paper hangers would get electrocuted all the time because they would be careless and let a corner of the paper poke into an electrical outlet.  Note to self: keep this paper in good condition so we don’t have to re-do it!!!

So, there you have it.  A tour of our glorious wacky bathrooms.  😛

8 thoughts on “Despite all the necessary fixes, there a few rooms that we’re keeping exactly as-is.

  1. My grandmother’s house had one of those cabinets over the sink for the toothbrushes and soap dish. There was also a little cabinet like it, next to the toilet, for the toilet paper. I was obsessed with it as a small child and would sit on the floor opening and closing it all day long.

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  2. Your Crane Criterion pink and yellow sinks are epic to say the least… are SO lucky to have found such a fabulous time capsule!

    My husband and I recently bought a 60s time capsule and it sounds like you and I are totally in the same boat right now with the whole rehab process. I’ve been blogging about all the “fun” over at No Pattern Required under the theme “Mike and Sara rehab a retro ranch” if you ever want to check it out!


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