Giving new life to old things!

This is just a quickie post because Spring has sprung, it’s a holiday weekend, and there is so much to do now that we’re not trapped inside by the cold!!!!  But we just had to share a fun photo with you guys for a moment.

You might recall from a post a few months ago that we started an Etsy shop to sell some of the fixtures from our house as we renovate, as well as a handful of our other vintage belongings.  Several of the items in our shop are knobs and backplates from the built-ins in the bedrooms…  they’re gorgeous, but we just wanted to refresh those rooms a bit.  So we replaced them, and put them on Etsy so someone new could love them.


Seriously, there are SO MANY KNOBS.  These built-ins are pretty big!

Well, a couple of weeks ago a woman in Minnesota named Wendy purchased a couple of each…  she sent us a photo as a follow-up so we could see what she did with them, and it’s so awesome!

wendy knob repurpose

I love that she used the shutters as a shabby-chic headboard, and our knobs and backplates are the pulls!  This room just looks so cozy.  Love love love!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Happy Spring!

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