I needed video proof of this.

I’ll just leave this here.  Jaw, prepare to hit the floor.

(Yes, I know I don’t look like my normal hotness pinup self.  I’m sick and I was dressed to clean.  :P)

Here’s a shot of the wallpaper up close…  let’s play “guess which half hasn’t been cleaned yet”.


The aftermath…  and we’re still going to have to go back again and do another pass because after 2 rounds the paper towels were still orange when I wiped everything down.  I didn’t want to do a 3rd round of spraying today, because I was afraid the moisture would start to peel the paper at the seams.  This weekend we’ll tackle it again and hope that 3rd time’s the charm.



Opening Pandora’s Box

Let’s go back to a few weeks ago, the night before settlement on our house.  We were doing our final walkthrough with our realtor to make sure everything was in order, and the woman from whom we were buying the place was there, as she hadn’t finished moving her final few belongings out.  We checked the front hall closet, and noticed a box of moving wrapping paper inside…  we chalked it up to the seller still having work to do, and figured she’d probably leave the rest of the paper in there and we’d have to toss it when we moved in.

A few minutes later, I was looking around the living room, and heard Jack shout from that closet: “OH MY GOD, GET IN HERE!!!”  Our realtor and I rushed back to the closet to see what the fuss was…  and Jack was standing with the box of wrapping paper.


What?  It’s just a box of wrapping paper…  even if it is in a really cool old detergent box…  (and the fact that it looks like it’s giving us the middle finger will later prove to be very apropos)


Jack discovered that it’s not wrapping paper…  It’s ALL OF THE ARCHITECTURAL PLANS for the house!!!


You guys!!!!!!  eeeeEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!  *jumping around and flapping my hands with excitement*  I can’t believe they still had the ARCHITECTURAL PLANS!  everything was in those rolls — probably a dozen different iterations of the kitchen, various designs for the pocket doors that lead to the den…  Sketches of the exterior…



And probably my favorite, a sketch of the living room wall with the fireplace.  (No, we are not going to get a family crest made to hang over it.)


Also in the box: a bunch of catalogues for the various fixtures in the house!  Counters and sinks, lighting…  this “Magna-Luminus Ceiling” is in every bathroom.


What a find!!!!  We were out of our minds over it.  We thanked the seller profusely and she was blasé about it: “oh yeah, I thought you might want those”.  YES, YES WE MIGHT.