I needed video proof of this.

I’ll just leave this here.  Jaw, prepare to hit the floor.

(Yes, I know I don’t look like my normal hotness pinup self.  I’m sick and I was dressed to clean.  :P)

Here’s a shot of the wallpaper up close…  let’s play “guess which half hasn’t been cleaned yet”.


The aftermath…  and we’re still going to have to go back again and do another pass because after 2 rounds the paper towels were still orange when I wiped everything down.  I didn’t want to do a 3rd round of spraying today, because I was afraid the moisture would start to peel the paper at the seams.  This weekend we’ll tackle it again and hope that 3rd time’s the charm.



10 thoughts on “I needed video proof of this.

  1. Rich says:

    I just they’re up in my mouth. We bought a mid forties cape that had a small sewing room that was paneled. The lady of the house smokes like a chimney. I spent an entire day scrubbing paneling. Grossed out is an understatement.


    • Rich – what did you use to scrub the paneling? We have an entire room of it that I’ve been cleaning hesitantly with Method wood spray, but we’re not totally happy with it because it’s leaving oily smudges.


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