Ah, the joy of living in a vintage home…

…is constantly going down the rabbit hole of things needing to be fixed.  The hubs thought it would be awesome to put some old jazz on the hi-fi while we enjoy our Sunday coffee; there’s something about an old scratchy record playing through all the speakers in the house that’s just FUN.  But his “let’s put on a record” turned into “shoot, I have to replace the stylus”…  which turned into “this stylus is really light, I have to counterbalance the weight to make it sound perfect”.  20 minutes of tweaking, and over a dozen listens to the first few seconds of “The Birth of a Band” (off the “The Birth of a Band” album by Quincy Jones) later, we’re back in business.

He earned his coffee for that one!  That was quite a workout.

About a month ago he actually took the whole thing apart, because it needed a new motor and idler wheel (which turns the platter of the turntable).  It’s a good thing he’s an AV specialist, because if anyone else had touched it I would have needed a Xanax.



It’s been working beautifully so far, and now we finally have an excuse to add to our record collection.  Yay!

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